Meet The Coaches

Coach Cara

Cara grew up playing sports. She was a competitive gymnast throughout high school and also ran track, has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and dabbled in basketball. She decided to pursue a career in exercise because of the happiness and freedom fitness brings to her life and she wants to share those same benefits of exercise with others. One of her favorite things about being a personal trainer/coach is seeing her clients hit and surpass their goals and accomplish things they never thought they could even attempt.

Cara is a mom of two and believes self-care is an important part of motherhood. Two years ago, she began supplementing her fitness education by studying the pregnancy and postpartum chapters of life. She wants to help women feel confident and supported in their exercise journey during this time by guiding and teaching them how to exercise in a safe and beneficial way. Cara loves to lift heavy, do cartwheels, hike, dance, travel with her family, is a huge Harry Potter fan and enjoys pizza maybe too much.

MS Sport Conditioning & Performance / BS Exercise and Wellness / ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist / CF-L1 / Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach

Coach Ray

Ray has rugby in his DNA. He is a 3 time collegiate All-American and played professionally in America’s MLR (Major League Rugby). He has also participated in Powerlifting competitions. His best total was 1745lbs at 230lb bodyweight. Ray was once 300lbs, so he knows how important it is to look after your mind and body.

In addition to training, Ray is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Mental Health Therapist) and utilizes physical fitness as a primary intervention for mental health. He is currently pursuing his second Master’s degree in Sports Conditioning and Performance from SUU and enjoys helping people understand the importance of functional fitness for long-term health and happiness. Ray enjoys singing, hiking, mountain biking, traveling with family, and eating good food. You might recognize him as the voice behind The Optimal Prime Podcast: a 3-5 minute daily soundbite to help you start your day. Ray takes great pride in providing a gym environment where the elements of mental and physical health can be improved together.

Learn more about Ray’s H.I.I.Therapy program, focusing on mental health here.

MS Social Work (LCSW) / MS Sport Conditioning & Performance (Grad. 2021) / BS Social Psychology / Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) / CF-L1 / Active Life Rx

coach muso

Coach Musto

Musto is currently a student at Southern Utah University. He hopes to continue his studies in the SUU Sports Conditioning Masters Program after he graduates with his BS. His love for knowledge doesn’t stop there. In his spare time, he likes to delve into informational books, such as “Science and Practice of Strength,” “Essentials of Strength and Conditioning,” and “Conscious Coaching.”

Musto loves coaching and the world of Strength and Conditioning. Along with his learning, he is always striving to improve himself through his workouts and competitions. He has learned from several mentors that a truly good coach must not only understand the science behind what they do but be able to apply it in a safe, evidence-based manner that is simple to understand. When all of these aspects come together, Musto gets the opportunity to change participants’ lives for the better. “Coaching is an art. And I get to intricately paint its beautiful picture.”

BS Exercise Science: Physiology (Grad. 2022) / CF-L1 / USAW-L2 / Active Life Rx

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Coach Whitney

Whitney grew up dancing but wasn’t allowed to do traditional sports because she was too clumsy (she broke her arm once because she tripped and fell). Her high school drill team won both state and national championships, so dance paid off. She got into running and other types of exercise after high school and decided to pursue a degree in Exercise Science. She worked at a physical therapy clinic for three years, which has given her foundational knowledge for helping her clients. She has worked with people of all shapes and sizes and loves getting to see her clients improve physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Whitney really got into the gym atmosphere after her first child was born. She is now a mom of three and enjoys teaching her children the importance of physical activity as part of daily living. Whitney wants her clients to learn these same values and be able to live a life with as few physical limitations as possible. Whitney loves to run, compete in Spartan races, spend time with her family, explore the world (lots to see!), and eat ice cream.

MS Sport Conditioning & Performance / BS Exercise Science: Fitness and Wellness Management / NASM Certified Personal Trainer / NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist / NASM Senior Fitness Specialist / TRX Certified / Active Life Rx