MS Sport Conditioning & Performance / BS Exercise Science: Fitness and Wellness Management / NASM Certified Personal Trainer / NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist / NASM Senior Fitness Specialist / TRX Certified / Active Life Rx



Coach Whitney

Whitney grew up dancing, but wasn’t allowed to do traditional sports because she was too clumsy (she broke her arm once because she tripped and fell). Her high school drill team won both state and national championships, so dance paid off. She got into running and other types of exercise after high school, and decided to pursue a degree in Exercise Science. She worked at a physical therapy clinic for three years, which has given her foundational knowledge for helping her clients. She has worked with people of all shapes and sizes, and loves getting to see her clients improve physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Whitney really got into the gym atmosphere after her first child was born. She is now a mom of three and enjoys teaching her children the importance of physical activity as part of daily living. Whitney wants her clients to learn these same values and be able to live a life with as few physical limitations as possible. Whitney loves to run, compete in Spartan races, spend time with her family, explore the world (lots to see!), and eat ice cream.