Crossfit Level One / USAW Level Two


Coach Musto

Musto is currently a student at Southern Utah University. He hopes to continue his studies in the SUU Sports Conditioning Masters Program after he graduates with his BS. His love for knowledge doesn’t stop
there. In his spare time, he likes to delve into informational books, such as “Science and Practice of Strength,” “Essentials of Strength and Conditioning,” and “Conscious Coaching.”

Musto loves coaching and the world of Strength and Conditioning. Along with his learning, he is always striving to improve himself through his workouts and competitions. He has learned from several mentors that a truly good coach must not only understand the science behind what they do, but be able to apply it in a safe, evidence-based manner that is simple to understand. When all of these aspects come together, Musto gets the opportunity to change participants’ lives for the better. “Coaching is an art. And I get to intricately paint its beautiful picture.”

BS Exercise Science: Physiology (Grad. 2022)
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