MS Sport Conditioning & Performance / BS Exercise and Wellness / ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist / CF-L1 / Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach


Coach Cara

Cara grew up playing sports. She was a competitive gymnast throughout high school and also ran track, has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and dabbled in basketball. She decided to pursue a career in exercise because of the happiness and freedom fitness brings to her life and she wants to share those same benefits of exercise with others. One of her favorite things about being a personal trainer/coach is seeing her clients hit and surpass their goals and accomplish things they never thought they could even attempt.

Cara is a mom of two and believes self-care is an important part of motherhood. Two years ago, she began supplementing her fitness education by studying the pregnancy and postpartum chapters of life. She wants to help women feel confident and supported in their exercise journey during this time by guiding and teaching them how to exercise in a safe and beneficial way. Cara loves to lift heavy, do cartwheels, hike, dance, travel with her family, is a huge Harry Potter fan and enjoys pizza maybe too much.